Does Caffeine Help A Headache Or Not? Here's What Experts Say.

If a cup of coffee is your go-to remedy for a pesky headache, here’s some confusing news: You may or may not be making your headache worse. According to experts, caffeine can both relieve and worsen a headache; the outcome depends on multiple factors specific to you and your habits. So before you head to the vending machine for a cola to numb the pain, there are a few things you should consider. Here’s what you should know:

Here's What Kraft's New Dye-Free Mac And Cheese Looks Like

In April, Kraft Foods Group announced plans to remove the synthetic colors and preservatives from its iconic blue-boxed macaroni and cheese. It was a step forward in terms of health, but, some feared, a step backward in terms of nostalgia. Ardent mac-and-cheese fans braced for heartbreak: The change could make their childhood favorite little more than a memory. Without synthetic dyes to give the cheese sauce its fluorescent look, the new formula employs a combination of the spices paprika, anna
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