Our Place sets out to simplify meal prep with its new knives and cutting board

Our Place, the makers of that iconic, so-called kitchen magician Always Pan, recently launched three beautiful chef’s knives and a sturdy cutting board to go along with them. You can purchase each of the four products individually, or you can take advantage of the Fully Prepped Bundle, which will save you $35 total. But before you do any of that, you probably want to know: How good are these knives? And do I really need this particular wooden cutting board? Well, we took all four products — th

Omsom sauce kits are one of the best cooking products we've ever tested

Before we get into everything that Omsom delivers, I want to state clearly: This is one of the best cooking products I’ve ever tested. A bold claim, I know, but thanks to Omsom — a sauce kit that makes cooking with incredible Asian flavors uncomplicated to newbs — I’ve become more comfortable throwing together recipes I’ve never tried before, and I’ve even expanded my pantry to include things like fish and oyster sauce.

12 products that can help you waste less food in the kitchen

Want to fight climate change, save money, go food shopping less often or all of the above? You can start by wasting less food at home. An estimated 40% of food produced in the US goes to waste, and about half of that happens in our very own households. When we toss out our food, most of it ends up in the landfill, where it rots and produces methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to Earth’s rising temperature. One of the keys to reducing food waste is learning how to keep food fresher for lo

The Proclamation Duo does it all in the kitchen with just two pans

It’s a frying pan. It’s a stockpot. It’s a wok. It’s a Dutch oven. The Proclamation Duo by Proclamation Goods Co. consists of two pans and a lid, and despite the endless claims by other new-age cookware, this is actually the kitchen set that can do it all. If you’re looking to streamline your cookware (you minimalist, you) or you’re just starting to build a collection, consider the Proclamation Duo a great investment. A few things to know about this sleek kitchen set: I found myself nodding a

We tried the Instagrammable pan that claims to replace 8 kitchen tools

Dubbed “the kitchen magician” by Oprah Winfrey, the alleged cult-favorite, all-in-one nonstick Always Pan, from brand Our Place, has haunted all of my social feeds for most of the year. With its millennial monochrome appeal and promise to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, the Always Pan certainly caught my attention. But after reviewing a dozen pans earlier this year and coming to realize that once you reach a certain quality threshold, no two pans are all that different, I needed to

The best nonstick pans of 2020

A quality nonstick pan is a true kitchen essential; from stir-frys to burgers to omelettes, the stovetop staple basically does it all. Not all pans are created equal, however, and with thousands available in every possible price range, it can be tough to cull through marketing jargon to find the very best one. So, to determine which nonstick pans were truly the best, we sorted through dozens of published reviews and perused user feedback to settle on 12 to put to the test. We cooked four differ

How to Save Money in 35 Easy Ways

An enviously money-savvy friend once told me: If you’re in debt or want to know how to save money, the most important thing is to be honest with yourself about your needs. Maybe your monthly budget absolutely must include sheet masks or weed. Maybe you would *literally die* without an afternoon coffee, or perhaps your fancy gym membership includes the best saunas (even if you haven’t touched a treadmill). These are the rules: Evaluate your priorities, consider what you can compromise, and stick

9 cheap solutions for people who want to waste less and wean themselves off single-use items

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I Got My Dog's Face Printed On A T-Shirt And So Can You

If I had things my way, I'd spend all of my time with Rosie Lou, my 120-pound Leonberger. At the office, she'd sit at the desk next to mine and, and we might share an ice cream cone after work. Sadly, big old Lou isn't allowed to ride New York City transit, nor can she walk into an ice cream shop. In effort to safely bring RL with me everywhere, I printed her darling mug onto a T-shirt. It might be the next best thing to having her with me during every moment.