We’re On a Mission for Menstrual Equity

The phrase “menstrual equity” was coined by attorney Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, vice president at Brennan Center for Justice and author of “Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity.” While Weiss-Wolf developed the term to function at a policy level, menstrual equity has evolved into a movement backed by passionate advocates like Weiss-Wolf who believe in the access to period care products for all. The fight for government-led legislation continues, and champions of the menstrual equity

Whatever You Do, Please Don’t Try DIY Teeth Straightening

For many people, straighter teeth seem like a golden ticket. They can influence first impressions, help job seekers feel more confident in interviews, and even play a role in a person’s romantic success. But with conventional metal braces and in-office treatment with clear aligners far beyond many people’s price range, it’s no wonder that some take matters into their own hands, trying to straighten their teeth out for just a few dollars — the cost of rubber bands, Goody hair elastics, or orthodontic elastics.