The science-backed reasons why croissants always taste better in Paris

I hadn't planned to make my first visit to Paris a comprehensive croissant research trip, it just happened. The catalyst was a croissant from Boulangerie Chevalier, a bakery in St. Germain that I stopped into immediately after checking in at my hotel in the sixth arrondissement — really just because the windows looked charming. Fresh off the plane, I was cloaked in eau de middle seat, yet the first bite was a transformative experience that cut through my same-clothes-different-day fog. The past

We all swore we’d move to Canada if Trump won. These people actually did.

In 2016, the threat to get the hell out felt more sincere than years prior; Snoop Dogg and Barbra Streisand, for example, were among the legion that said they’d leave if Trump were elected. And yet, few people followed through. According to statistics released by Canada’s immigration office, there was just a minuscule increase in applications for Canadian citizenship post-election. And Snoop and Streisand are still living stateside.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: The three best meals to eat in Portland, Maine

Deciding where to eat can be a daunting task. In our BLD (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) series, we handpick three must-visit restaurants in one city. Consider this your guide to the perfect day of eating. Portland’s food scene is reason enough to plan a visit to the salty New England coastal city. This side of town is best known for its killer seafood, but beyond the lobster roll, there’s tons you’ll want to taste. Think sweet potato donuts, fries cooked in duck fat and cherry-aged beer. It’s t

10 Islands Filled With Adorable Animals You Can Visit

Whether you’re a bird nerd or a crazy cat person, there’s a destination with a high concentration of your favorite animal beckoning you to visit. Maybe your newest bucket list addition will be the Instagram-perfect island in Aruba teeming with friendly flamingos making you mourn the passing of Millennial Pink. Perhaps it’ll be the wild horses off the coast of Maryland, compelling you to play the Rolling Stones on repeat.

America's Best Cities for Getting Away With the Girls

The older we get, the more precious time spent with our favorite people becomes. This is reason enough to champion a girls’ trip — a special sojourn away from the routine of daily life to just have fun with the humans who make you laugh that ugly laugh only a small portion of people who know you have seen. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a divorce celebration or a just-because getaway, these are the cities around the country guaranteed to show your group a grand old time.